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Modern Work Space

Specialty Investment and Business Solutions

What We Do

We are an organization dedicated to making your life easier.  We can do everything from raw start up assistance/management to expansion help and all things in between  


We want to work alongside you.  We are certified Google Ads specialists and can help boost traffic to your site using Google Ads, increase your conversions and maximize clicks.  We also have extensive QuickBooks knowledge and experience and can help you setup, consult existing or manage your QuickBooks accounting system.  

Our goal is to be a strategic partner to help you keep pressing forward.

Google Ads and SEO

Custom Display Ad Creation

Improve Performance and Site Conversions

Maximize Clicks to Your Site(s)

Maximize Your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

Enhance Your CPA (Cost per Action)


Startup Assistance

We have a tailored solution for the entrepreneur ready to jump in and go.  Download our workbook with step by step instructions on how to start your business.  We have details about each step, resources to help you make decisions and a checklist to track your progress.  

Making your dream a reality is hard - but we're making it easier to take that first step.

QuickBooks Consultation/Management

We'll help you get organized.  Your focus should be on your business - the machine - not the gears.  
Let us help you manage it all each month or simply get you started.  

Capital Investment

Startup Investing
Capital Injection
Expansion Assistance
Strategic Partnership

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